RUSKOTE 400 spray is a dual action product comprising:

  • a thin film type rust preventive oil, which provides lubrication during use but dries to an invisible film after 5-10 minutes of application. 
  • This film is capable of providing short to long-term corrosion prevention depending upon the usage, packaging and the environment. 

RUSKOTE 400 works well for steel, aluminum, iron, brass, copper, zinc, nickel, chromium and other multi-metal systems. The penetrating property of the oil loosens rust, stuck bolts, hinges and other mechanical parts. This also reaches and lubricates crevices, voids and difficult to reach areas.

RUSKOTE 400 has a de-watering and water displacement property and removes moisture and water from:

  • metal surfaces, 
  • car decals, 
  • spark plugs, 
  • cables and battery terminals

RUSKOTE oils have longer corrosion prevention properties due to their registered and patented VCI technology.

RUSKOTE oils prevent corrosion of metallic components in the harshest of environments by providing sea worthy corrosion prevention from saline atmosphere as well as during long term storage of parts.