Rust-X VCI Tuffpaulin

RUST-X VCI film is manufactured using a patented process and structure. Tuffpaulin as the name suggests is a highly tough plastic film with very high puncture resistance, high tear resistance, improved tensile strength, higher dart impact strength, higher resistance to tear propagation, excellent moisture barrier and is used in highly demanding applications. 

RUST-X TUFFPAULIN VCI is specially designed product for the packaging of heavy equipment, armament, pallets, vehicles, automotive parts, engines, wind mills, power plant equipment, chemical plant equipment etc.

Tuffpaulin is a 6 layered cross laminated multi layered plastic film with pseudo thickness imparted to improve strength and reduce tear propagation. RUST-X TUFFPAULIN VCI film provides better corrosion protection compared to using ordinary VCI Film and provides a single product with multiple features such as abrasion protection, movement restriction, water barrier as well as moisture barrier hence providing excellent option for long term preservation. 

The TUFFPAULIN VCI film emits protective vapors, which have the tendency to neutralize the moisture as well as form a multi-molecular film on the surface of the metal and inhibit the electrolytic process of oxidation.