Rust-X VCI Non Woven

VCI non-woven fabric is made up of compressed PP fibres having much higher puncture resistance, scratch resistance, tear resistance, tensile strength as well as dart impact strength compared to Ordiary VCI paper.

In a number of applications it is important to use a Non-Woven fabric in order to protect from sharp edges of the part as well as protruding parts which may puncture plastic or paper packaging.

RUST-X VCI non woven fabric provides better corrosion protection with its protective vapors which neutralize the moisture as well as form a multi-molecular film on the surface of the metal and inhibit the electrolytic process of oxidation.

Metals Protected:

1. Carbon Steel

2. Galvanized Steel 

3. Stainless Steel 

4. Copper and alloys 

5. Aluminium and aluminium alloys

6. Silver 

7. Solder