Rust-X Metal Barrier

RUST-X VCI film is manufactured using a patented process and structure. The film is manufactured on a 3 layer, multilayer coextrusion plant combined with a metalized barrier layer.

The combined structure offers a very low oxygen and water vapor permeability combined with VCI properties.

The film comprises of total 4 layers. During the packaging process vacuuming out is not required, because the inner and middle function as VCI transmitting layers. Outermost layer serves as a barrier layer to control the uni-directional transfer of VCI chemicals as well as provide improved barrier properties to the film.

The metal lised outer barrier layer laminated to the 3 Layer VCI Film provides higher strength as well as barrier to the water vapour and oxygen molecules. The VCI molecules work by evaporation and condensation on the cooler metal parts and prevent corrosion wherever they settle.

In effect a corrosion inhibiting layer comprising of macro molecules is deposited on the part. This works by preventing the forward reaction of corrosion by inhibiting electron flow, altering pH as well as by forming a physical barrier to oxygen and water vapour.

 The bags can be formed into 3 dimensional covers for machines, Pallet liners as well as can be supplied in 2 Dimensional bags or sheet for packaging of parts. These bags can be heat sealed using ordinary heat sealing machine or can also be provided with a self sealable adhesive tape which can be removed to form a sealed packaging system.

 Due to the advanced VCI Action there is no need to vacuum the packaging as the moisture and air are treated with VCI.