Rust-X HDPE Paper 4 Layers

RustX Fusion Fabric PaperĀ is a woven fabric made on circular knitting machines from specialized high strength HDPE resin with dosages of UV protection and optical brighteners made from Virgin polymers

The fabric is woven on automatic lines to ensure adequate strength is achieved by a Warp and Weft structure of the material. Rust - X VCI Fusion Fabric Paper by its name is symbolic to not just the advantage of High Strength but also excellent moisture penetrations properties and oxygen transmissions.

It is laminated on both sides with Poly Ethylene of approx 20 gsm-25 gsm on each side with a hot lamination process and cannot be easily peeled off nd then is laminated with VCI Paper Additives

RustX Additives are REACH Approved and ROHS Compliant. All additives are produced under supervision of chemists.