Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring has been widely used and widely known, especially in the industrial world where in the industrial sector it is necessary to build with high standards in order to have a government industry standard license.


Lining is the technique of attaching a new fabric support to the back of a canvas painting. The process can help to safely support the painting if the original canvas has been severely damaged or grown brittle with age. 

Marine Coating

Marine coating is a type of protective coating used to protect various types of ships from salt and fresh water and the marine environment. Vessel paint has special functions to protect marine vessels and other components above and below the waterline from abrasion and corrosion.


Corroless® rust stabilizers have a fundamentally different chemical action from common ‘rust converters’, which can often lead to blistering and premature breakdown. Corroless® rust stabilization is a process that occurs gradually over many months, but the effects of which last for many years.


Rust-X USA manufactures wide range of lubricants, washing solutions, rust removers, Packaging, knock down wooden pallets, VCI corrugated boxes, 8 colour printed films, desiccants, emitters and even corrosion engineers to the clients.


PT Samtech Indonesia was established in December 2010. We manufacture, supply, and apply chemicals that are customized to solve industry site-specific problems and also anti-corrosion and preservation products.

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